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Are you Ravens ready for the sportive season? – Ravens Cycles

Are you Ravens ready for the sportive season?

//Are you Ravens ready for the sportive season?

Are you Ravens ready for the sportive season?

Ravens Cycles can design, fit and create the perfect sportive bike for you this season. With sportives and challenge rides becoming more and more popular over the last few years, it is an ideal time for an investment into a bespoke steel-framed bicycle.


Steel, as we know, is renowned for its ride and comfort. And before we go any further – you CAN have light weight steel frames. You may be used to riding an off-the-peg aluminium or carbon fibre frame, but what advantages would a bespoke steel frame bring to you on a sportive?

Advantages to riding a bespoke Ravens bike on a sportive

  • Perfect fit. A bespoke frame allows the frame to fit perfectly to your body shape & size along with your posture & flexibility. At Ravens Cycles, we offer a complimentary postural assessment and bike fit with every frame built.
  • Comfort. Steel is renowned for its comfortable ride. The geometry will also be designed to suit the type of riding you’ll be doing; no point in having a super responsive and twitchy ride if you are planning spending long hours in the saddle at a moderate pace.
  • Durability. Unlike a carbon fibre or aluminium frame which will fatigue and can crack, steel is both strong and durable. And with the new generation of stainless steel tube sets available then corrosion is no longer something to worry about. #bikeforlife
  • Trust. People don’t buy from people they don’t trust. You can have confidence in Ravens Cycles to create your perfect ride. Why not visit the workshop to see your new frame progress?
  • Value for money. So you’re thinking about owning a unique, fully hand-crafted piece of artisan steel frame where love and care has been put into the creation at every level. Where hours of craftsmanship has been put into your perfect ride….they can work out cheaper than you think.
  • Bespoke paint work. You can have any colour and design you like. Want a bike to match your club kit?


Errr, we couldn’t think of any.


Any questions? just give us a call or drop us an email.


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