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I’Eroica Britannia – ‘The Great British Adventure’ – 17-19th June 2016

You’ve entered one of the most handsome cycling events around...now you just need a handsome bike. L’Eroica was born in Italy in 1997 and has now expanded to multiple countries across the world celebrating the heritage of cycling. L’Eroica Britannia started 3 years ago in Bakewell, Derbyshire and has grown (in our opinion) to be one of the [...]

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Are you Ravens ready for the sportive season?

Ravens Cycles can design, fit and create the perfect sportive bike for you this season. With sportives and challenge rides becoming more and more popular over the last few years, it is an ideal time for an investment into a bespoke steel-framed bicycle.   Steel, as we know, is renowned for its ride and comfort. And before we go [...]

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Been ill lately? Are you REALLY ready to get back into training?

How to know where you're ready to get back into training after being ill. This blog is written as I’m just recovering from a particularly vicious bout of food poisoning! 2 weeks ago I was in Angola with work. The hotel had a gym and pool so I had planned on fitting in some aerobic workouts within the week to [...]

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Bib Lane Hill Climb (11/10/15)

Tickhill Velo hosted yet another fantastic event; HQ at the village hall where you could get free refills from your £1 mug of tea, plus all the cakes were £1 a slice; there was also a tent at the top of the hill with banners etc.; they even had marshals directing riders to the start. The atmosphere (and weather) was [...]

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Hill climbing on a steel framed bike?

This weekend I’ve signed myself up for Tickhill Velo’s Bib Lane Hill Climb, Rotherham. The climb itself is 0.3 miles, av. grade 9.5%, max 14.7% (according to Strava) http://www.strava.com/segments/2443600 With nearly 50 riders and a surprising number of ladies entered, there should be a good competition. Now, the question arises, because I am a promoter of steel-framed bikes and especially [...]

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Why go for a bespoke frame?

You’re not afraid to be different With a bespoke frame, you’ll be the only person to ride with that frame, in that particular style,  design and artwork and of course, fitted to your own personal body geometry. Not many people experience that, and it feels good to be part of ‘the club’. People who ‘know’ their bikes will probably [...]

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